Fumbling Through Faith


Though I was baptized Catholic as an infant, my journey away from God and the Church, and back home again, has taken me down many different roads. Posts found here highlight that journey, one that is ongoing.

Ninjas for Life and My Story

A Love Story: Part 1

A Love Story: Part 2

This is my Body: Thoughts on the Real Presence

Why I Go to Adoration

The Day I Met God


8 thoughts on “Fumbling Through Faith

  1. Wow, wow and wow.

    This is a crazy, amazing, beautiful story. A love story, for sure.

    And, I love Total Eclipse of the Heart, btw.

  2. This was absolutely a wonderfully amazing awesome beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing Sarah. This is soo so so beautiful. i’m so glad I read it.

  3. Thanks for sharing-truly beautiful is God’s love and the feeling when we accept what He’s always offered.

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