Writing + Topics

I began writing at age 7, when my mother died.

I’ve kept a journal, diary, notebook, or blog ever since.

My journals were where I worked out and worked on my relationship with God and others. It’s where I struggled, screamed, cried, and shared joy.

It’s where God remade me. And then did it again. And again.

Now, I write about motherhood without my mother, my Catholic faith and family, and as the title says, how I navigate this life with the heart of a woman, fumbling toward grace.

I also contribute monthly to Ignitum Today, a Catholic online publication for the New Evangelization.


Below is a sampling of writing on some of my favorite topics, including poetry, culture, and parenting.

In Blackwater Woods

 To My Mother


The Hungry Bear

Death Behind Closed Doors

What Should We Do?

How Long?

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