Culture + Social Teaching

Cultural commentary is something  you’ll find a lot of here. I spent a lot of money on a Masters degree in social justice, and I’m trying to find creative ways to use it. Here on the blog I combine my two loves, writing and social change, to try and add a voice for Catholic social teaching and authentic justice to the Catholic blogging world.

Riots are the Voice of the Unheard: Thoughts on Baltimore

When Generosity Looks Like Selfishness

Parenting, Baptism, Racism, and Justice: A Book Review

This is Our Sword: Thoughts on Ferguson

It’s About Them: In Memoriam

Death Behind Closed Doors

How Long? Thoughts on the Anniversary of Roe V. Wade

What Should We Do? Thoughts on Newtown

A Wrench in the Machinery of Death: Sr. Helen Prejean

The First and Vital Cell

The Dignity We Share

In Right Relationship

Sustainable Eating on a Budget: Part 1

Sustainable Eating on a Budget: Part 2

Dead Man Walking

Inspiring Woman – Dorothy Day

The Death Penalty

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