7 Quick Takes Friday

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** 7 **

I’m sorry that you’ve basically just had poetry from me this past week. Actually, on second thought. No, I’m not sorry. Poetry is wonderful and everyone should read at least a little. 🙂

But what I mean is, I haven’t written much in the past couple of weeks. I’m feeling a little blog slump, maybe? I also have started four posts, but finished none of them. I’m not sure if anything I have to say these days is worth reading. Sometimes I feel that way.

** 6 **

But, I will be publishing part two of my “Love Story” (don’t worry, it’s not like Taylor Swift’s — though I have to say I dig her) on Monday. If you haven’t read Part One, you should check it out! I’m doing a three part story of my faith journey thus far. Monday’s post will be talking about what happened from my college graduation until I met Atticus.

** 5 **

To change gears completely, I have some mommy related questions for all your lovely mama’s.

Diapers: My cloth diapers are leaky! Help! They only leak from the legs, but leak just about every time I put one on her, usually within two hours. I stripped them in my washer with sensi-clean a few weeks ago, and it helped a little, but they are still leaking. I switched from Tide powder (which the Jillian’s Drawers website recommended) to the Allen’s Naturally because I had a bunch of sample bottles. Now I’m almost out of them, and I need a detergent. If you have diapers that don’t have leaking problems, what kind of soap do you use?

If you’ve had leaking problems, how did you fix it? Anything other than stripping them?


** 4 **

Maggie hates tummy time. She hates it. She’ll do it for about five minutes, then she starts screaming. She’ll do a modified version of it on her boppy, but she’ll only do that for about ten minutes or so. I’m kinda worried that she’s never going to roll over, or crawl, or anything.

How do you make tummy time bearable?

** 3 **

I am reading The Help and it is really, really good. If you’re looking for an interesting novel, especially if you like books tied to something historical and real, I’d recommend it. Of course, I am only half way through, so I can’t speak about the whole thing. But what I’ve read so far is very good.

What are you reading these days?

** 2 **

We have a zoo membership, and they are opening a new tiger enclosure over Memorial Day weekend! I cannot wait to go and check it out. The tigers are cool, but my favorites are the bears and the lions. And the seals. I love the zoo.

** 1 **

Maggie and I have been listening to Pandora radio a lot. I discovered a great song for “baby dancing”. We “baby dance” when I hold Maggie upright so she can see everything, then we bop around the room. The song is “Say Hey (I love you)” by Michael Franti. It’s such a great feel-good song, you can’t help but want to dance when you hear it.

Happy Friday and Happy listening!

10 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. I can’t wait to read the rest of your faith journey story! I love those stories!

    Joe HATED HATED HAAAAAATED tummy time for the longest time. He would start screaming the second I put him on his tummy. I asked his pediatrician about it (the one who reminds me of Freddie Krueger) and he said to just let him scream it out for a couple of minutes because him getting mad will help strengthen his neck muscles. I wanted to give him the one-finger salute but held back. He and everywhere I read basically made it sound that if I didn’t do tummy time that I was setting my son up for failure. Ugh… it was frustrating. So what I did was just several times a day put him on his tummy until he really started getting upset. I’d use the Boppy a lot or a rolled up towel and he liked that a lot better. I would also lay on the bed or floor and lay him sideways and have him use my tummy to prop up. He wasn’t quite flat but it helped strengthen his neck and that was the only way he wouldn’t cry. He just now in the last month or two has started likeing tummy time and he’s rolling and scooting all over the place! He even likes to sleep on his tummy now! I was worried and frustrated too but looking back on it just do what you feel is right and remember that they will eventually get it!

    I haven’t been to the zoo in YEARS! Maybe now that we live in a city we will be able to go more often… I think Joe would like it!

  2. No leaking problems as of now. We use a homemade detergent-equal parts Oxyclean powerd, arm and hammer washing powder/soda, and borax.

    i only use about one tbsp each load.

    Hannah hates tummy time too! I can’t even get a minute out of her.

  3. I’m also in a bloggging (nothing worth reading) funk ~ I’m enjoying the poetry but am also looking forward to Monday’s post.

    5-10 minutes of tummy time is great as long as some of the time she is lifting (or trying to) her head and shoulders up.

    Gave up fiction for Lent, have a small stack waiting for me!!

  4. No help on the diapers…mine have great gathers around the legs and they NEVER leak.

    But on the baby front, my first HATED tummy time. My second loves it. Biggest difference? I took the second to the chiropractor from birth and she does things my first never did. My first never crawled…well, she did it for a week. Or to get to a surface to pull herself up and walk. She also never played with her feet or rolled over, both of which my second is LOVING at almost 6 mos old. It’s worth a try if you can find one you love and trust…bonus points for pregnancy and infant specialization :).

    Good luck!

  5. I often did like Maggie said, with me laying down and Gus propped up on my torso. Or, if I was feeling particularly strong, I would lie down, put my legs in the air, bend at the knees, and put Gus on my shins. I think he liked that because his face wasn’t buried in the floor. Also a good one for daddy to do! And I have heard that if you wear baby in a sling, that counts as tummy time. I don’t know if that is true or not, but we didn’t do a lot of tummy time, but we do a lot of babywearing, and Gus is very strong in the neck and back. So if evidence based on a sample size of one means anything to you… 🙂

    That book looks really good–it is going on my list for the library. Thanks for sharing.

    And re leaking diapers, I am having some problems too, but no solutions as of yet. I’ll be waiting for some good tips in the comments!!

  6. 6. Looking forward to part 2!

    5. We haven’t had any consistent leaking problems since the very beginning (knock on wood). On the rare occasion that she does leak, it’s always when she’s lying on her back. I use the Bum Genius brand of detergent. I did notice when using our FuzziBunz that I really had to make sure they were really tight.

    4. Yeah, Miriam hated it, too. Now that she’s rolling over, though, she likes it! I think she didn’t like it before because she didn’t have the strength to get her head up to look around, so tummy time basically consisted of her bobbing her head onto the ground. Since she didn’t like it, we just didn’t worry too much about it and just tried 0-2 times a day and never persisted if she was upset. It’s not like she’ll go her whole life and never be able to lie on her belly!

    3. I just got three books on baby sleep from the library 😛

    2. Too fun!

    1. I’m going to listen (and dance) as soon as Miriam wakes up!

    How is it that I always manage to write a novel on your posts? Have a great week!

  7. Zoo’s rock. I don’t know if you ever visited Brookfield while you lived in Chicago, but that’s my favorite zoo.

    The Help is an excellent read, I’d love to know what you think of the ending. I just finished reading a couple books- The Hangman’s Daughter was written by a guy whose lineage traces back to a prominent family of hangmen in 17th century Germany. If you have a light stomach not the best read as some of the torture/death sentences are described, but I found myself swept up in the underlying mystery so that I couldn’t put it down. The Big Burn is about the founding of the National Forest System and the fire that destroyed massive parts of the rocky mountain region. It’s a historical text that reads more like a novel (especially since footnotes were at the end of the book). The Disappearing Spoon is about all the different elements and the interesting stories behind them. That would be my favorite of the three I recently read. I’m a sucker for a good history/historical fiction book.

    Don’t stress about Maggie’s tummy time. Gabe seems to enjoy it now that he can roll in both directions and is starting to squirm, but he hated it just as much as she does now when he was her age. If you haven’t already, you may want to try doing “sit ups” with her. it works those head/neck muscles but they’re not on their tummies. While she’s laying on her back grab her hands and pull her slowly towards you into a sitting position. I started Gabe in the boppy so that it wasn’t quite as intense an angle for him.

    We started having a lot of problems with leaking when Gabe got to be around 4 months. We went up to the next stage on our diapers (bumgenius all in ones), and that made all the difference. You may want to try that.

  8. I’m really looking forward to part 2 of your love story! Sometimes I also wonder if I have anything to say that is worth reading, but it doesn’t take much time reading your blog to be certain that what you have to say is absolutely worth reading!
    As for tummy time…I wouldn’t worry about it. It sounds like she’s getting enough time in for her age, and as some of the other commenters have said, she may start to enjoy it more as she gets older. My daughter loved tummy time but didn’t roll much at all until she was ready to crawl. I know other babies who hated TT but rolled much earlier. They all do these things when they’re ready. 🙂

  9. I loved reading your first part of the love story. It was a really powerful testimony and I really love reading about other people’s journeys. You’ve certainly been through some incredible trials…so glad to have met you through our blogs!

    Unfortunately, I don’t have much advice for your baby issues, as I am not a mother. Perhaps you’ll have this all figured out by the time I have children so you’re on my list of blogs to consult for child advice, haha 🙂

  10. My son’s fuzzibunz also leak regularly (not the only type of diaper we have thank God!)… I’ve found that extra rinses (with vinegar) can help for all diapers though. And Charlie’s Soap cuts down on the number of extra rinses they need! (ie. we USED TO do a preliminary rinse with vinegar; a long/hot cycle with [whatever brand of detergent we used]; another rinse with vinegar at the end….. NOW we do a long/hot cycle with Charlie’s Soap; put vinegar in the fabric softener slot; and have one extra rinse at the end…. Things are better [though not perfect with those durn fuzzibunz]!)

    I started reading The Help yesterday! I love it! My husband took the Nook with him over night, which is why I’m blog-reading and not The Help-reading right now… 🙂

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