Tomfoolery and The Best Week of Feasts


Let me tell you about the state of affairs. Apparently its tricky to pack an entire house AND feed, change, and keep happy 3 kids each day. Who knew? Apparently we are crazy people. We are 11 days out from the move and you may not hear from me much the next two weeks. However, fear not. Some amazing ladies are going to be guest posting on ye olde blog starting next week. Look forward to the likes of Erica, Bobbi, Laura, Jess and Nell.

In the meantime, we are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with some wearing o’ the green.



This little monster has already outgrown her St. Paddy’s shirt, so she’s in mint leggings.

We had some wonderful fun on Sunday visiting with friends and attending a Saint Joseph festival. Maggie waited very patiently in line to have her face painted.



I know I’m biased, but is she gorgeous or what?

Tonight we are eating Guinness Irish Stew and reading Yeats while we cry about oppression into some Jameson. Sounds about right, yes? We love the feast of Saint Patrick, because both Atticus and I have some Irish heritage.

Then, on Thursday we celebrate the feast of my favorite saint, Joseph. We’ve celebrated 5 St. Joseph feasts living in this house on St. Joseph street. This will be the last. He’s the patron saint of Sicily, from whence my people come. Saint Joseph has been a huge intercessor in our lives. We prayed a novena to Joseph the month before conceiving both Maggie and the twins. Most recently we prayed a novena in the months before listing our home for sale, and the very first people who looked at the house are buying it.

So, naturally, I’m making spaghetti and meatballs. Everyone in my house loves spaghetti and meatballs and this will be the last big meal I’m cooking in this house. Seems very fitting as our time in this home draws to a close.



Skeptical about this whole moving thing.

And here’s what happens when I try to get a good photo of a pair of 16 month olds.


On that note, I wish you all a very happy feast of Saint Patrick and Saint Joseph.


4 thoughts on “Tomfoolery and The Best Week of Feasts

  1. This made me smile. I love hearing about your life and looking at the photos of your kids. They’re so beautiful and so funny! Especially that last photo. What a wonderfully squirmy age. Thank you for sharing your life with us. God bless. :0)

  2. Good luck with the move!
    Completely agree that Maggie Butterfly was looking very lovely!!

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