7 Quick Takes Friday

This week’s quick takes are dedicated to stuff I love. I keep meaning to participate in Hallie’s Five Favs, but then Tuesday always sneaks up on me and I miss it. What’s up with that, Tuesday?


Oh my goodness, this. Hands down, the best angry cat.
This stuff. I recently discovered Zen green tea. It has lemongrass and spearmint in it, and makes it so delicious.
But please, don’t misunderstand. Nothing can ever take the place of my true love.

Look, coffee gave me a rose. I knew it loved me too.

Maxi skirts and dresses.
Seriously. You’re draped in lightweight fabric, look put together, and don’t have to shave your legs. What could be better than this?
I now have four maxi dresses and one skirt.
Love it. Can’t wait to wear it with a white tank top and my coral chunky necklace. Sigh.
Once the warm weather ever gets here (come on Indiana) expect a lot of WIWS to feature maxi goodness.
The Storyteller
Just finished this book last week. Oh my goodness. It is so good. I read the whole thing in abour 4 days.
It’s a story about the Holocaust, forgiveness, and family. Do it.
My new crockpot.
Sadly our first crockpot bit the dust. Actually, what happened is, Atticus somehow managed to shatter the glass lid. I’m still not entirely sure how it happened, but in my cursory research in looking for just a lid online, it is actually cheaper to buy a new one. Such is the way of modern life.
There she is. This one is a slight upgrade too. It has clamps on the handle to lock it on, and handles for taking the food with you to a party or something. This one also has a timer, so it automatically turns to warm when the cooking time is finished. Love it.
I made this awesome recipe from Pinterest on Monday. We did not have it with rice, because it turned out sort of like a stew, so we ate it with copious amounts of tortilla chips. So good.
Today I am trying my hand at Artisan bread in the crock pot. I know, I sounded skeptical too. But I trust the ABin5MD (Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day) people. I already have the book. I tried about a year ago to do a lot of bread making, but my oven has problems with getting hot enough for their method. So I am super pumped to try the crock-pot.
The Voice.
I know. I know. I am outing myself as a big fan of The Voice, that cheesy reality show featuring the golden retriever of the country music world, Blake Shelton, and Shakira. I like Shakira so much more than Christina Aguliera on the show, but I have a really hard time understanding a lot of what she says. And yet, I still like her so much more than Xtina. Then there’s Adam Levine, whose voice sounds like a girl.
And Usher.
I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you I’ve had the teeniest crush on Usher since….oh, high school. You know, as opposed to this guy:
Have not had a crush on him since high school.  But very funny.
Dark Chocolate.
I found a new chocolate that I am obsessed with.
Sea Salt Soiree is its name. Sounds sophistocated. Like I ought to be eating a square of it while I drink a glass of bubbly wearing silk PJs.
Really I eat a square of it with tea or coffee and while I’m wearing yoga pants.
Got it at Target, for those so inclined towards Sea Salt Soiree.
It has sea salt and roasted almonds in the 72% dark chocolate. I died.
What are you loving these days??
Also, Jen is back today! Head on over and see some more awesome quick takes!
Happy Weekend!

12 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. Everytime I see chocolate I think of the spongebob episode where the guy runs around yelling CHOCOLATE! But in reality, I think it’s just because I’m weird that I think of those things.
    I am loving my new kitchen aid mixer that I got from my shower! It is fantastic!

  2. I love sea salt chocolate, I have to find that one! I also love the voice! My hubby and I watch it every week if we can. I don’t think it is as cheesy as other reality shows and I am really liking the judge’s chemistry this season, I was getting tired of Xtina and Adam’s love/hate drama. I think we have a lot in common because I love me some maxi skirts and dresses too. Your new crock pot looks so high tech, let us know how the bread comes out 🙂

  3. What am I loving lately? Free Christmas tree and leaf mulch from our township, chocolate covered pretzels, “That’s How I Roll” ice cream from Coldstone Creamery, and that my parents are giving me 3 tons of rocks for my birthday. I’m weird that way. 🙂 (We had carpenter ants last year, and the exterminator strongly recommended using rocks instead of mulch right around the house.)

  4. I know there are other six other Takes and I am sure they are great, but I am fixated on the chocolate. Must find some now.

  5. Dark chocolate = the best. Mom has a massive bag of semisweet chips in teh freezer. SO DANGEROUS.

    Also, yay Blake Shelton. Love that voice.

    And I LOL’d a little too loud at grumpy cat. That’s totally me without my coffee.

  6. Love that maxi skirt, so pretty! I JUST thinking about checking out that new novel by Jodi. She is one of my favorite fiction writers.

  7. I am almost finished with the book I am reading – and now I know what’s up next! You have no idea how awesome this is in my life – each day I finish a book is depressing because it usually takes me a month to find the next one! Yay – thanks :).

  8. I’m interested in making bread in the crockpot…I have a bread maker, but we don’t like the shape it comes in or the little hole in the bottom of the loaf. Is artisan bread good for sandwiches? Do we just need to adjust our expectations? I gave up on making bread when we moved but I really want to start up again!

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