7 Quick Takes Friday

** 1 **

Well, of course: Haiti. Most of you are well aware by now of the devastation that is plaguing this nation in the wake of a terrible earthquake. Me jabbering on about isn’t going to do a whole lot, so here are some links to websites where you can do something about it!

Catholic Relief Services — this is my favorite international charity.

The Red Cross

World Vision — I have a friend who works for them, they are a great Christian relief organization!

I hope that everyone who is reading this will seriously consider making a donation to help provide for the people who are in need of food, water, shelter, medical care. We are a wealthy, privileged people. But we are also a generous, compassionate people too! And if a monetary donation is not possible right now, a “donation” of prayer and a fast of some kind for the people of Haiti would be great too!

** 2 **

It appears that the Cathedral in Port-au-Prince was destroyed in the earthquake, killing Archbishop Serge Miot in the collapse.

This article tells the story. Please pray especially for the Church in Haiti, as they are without a shepherd right now.

Consider praying to Venerable Pierre Toussaint, a former slave who was born in Haiti, and is in the process of canonization.

** 3 **

To change gears slightly, Atticus and I are going to Disney World this evening! We are flying down after he gets off work, and will be there until Monday evening. I am very, very excited; and not just for Mickey. It’s going to be in the 70’s (at least according to weather channel.com). The first 12 days of January did not once get above freezing here in Indianapolis, so I am very gleeful at the prospect of going somewhere where I don’t need a parka!

I’m going to take a ton of pictures, and will hopefully post them next week.

** 4 **

My favorite snack right now is yogurt with thawed berries.


We froze a LOT of blue berries when they were in season, and we buy frozen raspberries (my favorite!). We also get the most wonderful yogurt I have ever eaten, from a marvelous farm, Traders Point Creamery. They are the only 100% organic, grass-fed creamery in Indiana, I believe. And they make the most amazing yogurt and cheese I’ve had, and I have had a lot of yogurt and cheese in my 25 years.

They have a restaurant and “dairy bar” (ice cream shop!) at the farm; I’m thinking of asking Atticus to take me there for my birthday dinner. They serve all pastured (grass-fed) beef and organic locally-raised chicken. Yum!

** 5 **

Craft Hope is a great organization I found recently thanks to Molly at Just Simply. It’s a place where crafters can come together to make special projects for people in need. Right now there are two:

(1) Red Scarf Project: knit/crochet a red scarf for a foster child who is going to start college.All scarves must be completed before Valentine’s Day.

(2) Craft Hope for Haiti: If you have any craft projects ready to sell, you can put them on the Craft Hope Etsy page and the sale of them will go to Doctors without Borders, whose hospitals in Haiti were destroyed. If you’re not a crafter, you can visit their page and support them by buying a hand-made craft!

** 6 **

I love Matt Maher; I love this song. Please give it a listen; it’s such a great way of saying who we are, because of Jesus. I also enjoy his little talk before he plays.

“If I saw the world in your eyes, would it help me understand, how you see through all our lies, still you hold us in your hand…I’m dying to believe, I’m rising just to show we’re less than perfect, more than flesh and bone.”


** 7 **

That’s all folks; Have a great weekend!

9 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. Have fun in Florida!

    Don’t know if I’ve introduced myself before but I do read your blog regularly, which I found through That Married Couple. I grew up in Indiana myself.

    I saw you in this month’s Family Foundations. I recognized your photo right away and told my husband, “I know that girl!” Small world.

  2. Yogurt and berries – what a yummy combo that you can feel good about!

    Have you ever been to any Theology on Tap events? (That’s where the video is.) I missed them when they happened in my area, and would like to go some time.

    Have a great time in Florida!

  3. Sarah, thanks for the great Craft Hope link! I’m going to knit up a cabled hat to donate to the Etsy shop this weekend. After this week’s events in Haiti, my boyfriend and I decided that in lieu of a fancy anniversary dinner or small gifts, we would make a donation to Haiti, so this link is much appreciated! Have a great time in Disney World, and a wonderful weekend.

  4. Enjoy Disney! So glad the weather will be warm!

    I’m going to have to download the song on iTunes (or at least try it on the other computer, this one keeps freezing up when I try it 😦 )!

  5. A person after my own heart — give me berries, and I am in heaven. I should have been born a bear! I am curious as to your blueberry-freezing technique. Mine always thaw out shriveled and soggy (unlike rapsberries, blackberries, or strawberries).

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