Is There Room for College Women…and Their Babies?

As many of you know from my thesis, the issue of college-age women in unplanned pregnancies is very near and dear to my heart. The following is such a beautiful article about (1) a very brave woman named Lacy Dodd and (2) a wonderful organization Room At The Inn, which is seeking, in conjunction with Belmont Abbey College in NC to create a residence across the street from the college which will be accessible to college-age women who are pregnant or have small children.

“Mary Dodd is alive today because her mother said “yes” when Mary entered her life. Now Mary’s mom is part of an effort to make sure that there is always room at an inn for mothers who want to say “yes” to unplanned babies, but need the support to carry through with the choice.

Lacy Dodd was a senior at the University of Notre Dame when she realized she was pregnant. Her boyfriend wanted no part of the child they had made together, but abortion was not an option as far as Lacy was concerned.

She was blessed: She had faith and she had family. Last spring, she wrote movingly about the day her daughter was born: “On All Saints Day 1999, I gave birth to baby Mary. Her name is no accident. This Mary was living inside me while I walked the campus of a university dedicated to a woman who is mother of us all, and it was Mary Our Mother who gave me courage when I was afraid of what would lie ahead. Mary teaches us always to be open to seeking the will of God in our lives, no matter what it is, and never to be afraid of God’s will. God’s will may contain suffering, but God’s will also brings peace and joy. When we place ourselves at God’s disposal, he will do great things for us.” … read the rest here.

Check out Room At the Inn, and maybe, if you can spare it, consider giving a small gift to their campaign to begin building the college residence hall for pregnant women. Also, I just want to make clear that I haven’t been asked by them to say this, and I am not receiving anything for saying this. I just really, really believe in what they are about.

And on this very promising, very pro-life note, I want to wish everyone a very blessed, very merry Christmas!

3 thoughts on “Is There Room for College Women…and Their Babies?

  1. This is wonderful! What an important step in helping women realize that an unplanned pregnancy does not have to mean the end of their dreams and plans for the future. If we get rid of the stigma against unplanned pregnancy, then we get rid of the “need” of those other choices.

  2. I agree with Molly…this is wonderful!

    While I definitely believe in promoting all to be chaste until marriage, it’s a reality that we are all broken and commit sins.

    How wonderful to provide an avenue and the resources where a young woman doesn’t feel forced into even more grave sin (abortion) or even that she could try to raise her child as opposed to adopting out, if that is what she desires.

    I definitely think it’s important to think of what happens after the baby is born in addition to the pregnancy part of “crisis” pregnancies…what a wonderful organization!

  3. This is great! My own college finally changed its financial aid policy so that students forced to live off campus due to the birth of a child would at least not lose the room and board portion of their financial aid. Baby steps for being pro-baby. 🙂

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