7 Quick Takes Friday

** 1 **

Last night Atticus and I went to the movies. But not just any movie. We went to see Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” on the big-screen at the downtown Indy movie theater. 🙂

It was…wonderful. haha. But seriously, it’s one of my favorite Christmas movies, and seeing it up on the big screen like it would have been when it came out was so much fun.

It was a great date night!


** 2 **

As I mentioned about two weeks ago, I have finished my Masters’ thesis. I submitted it for comments, and it was returned to me for some small changes (which means she liked it!) and earlier this week, I submitted the final version! Hooray!

The other part of this story is that I am a purse person. I LOVE me a good handbag. I have wanted a Coach bag since the end of high school. I told myself I would get one when I finished college, then when the end of college came, I couldn’t bring myself to spend that much money on myself. So then when I went to grad school, I said I’d get one when I finished my masters’ thesis. I hemmed and hawed about actually buying one, but then my mother in law gave me a gift for finishing my degree, and I decided to use that to fulfill my handbag fantasy.

Here she is: Classic brooke

And one more, please ignore the paint-splattered t-shirt that belongs to Atticus.

I hope you don’t all think I’m some kind of snob or anything, I just sorta felt like I earned something nice and somewhat frivolous for completing 20 years of school! 🙂

** 3 **

This afternoon I am making cookies to put together into gift tins to mail to family and friends who are all over the country this Christmas. I’m making Mexican Chocolate Cookies, Oatmeal Raisin Spice Cookies, Sugar cut-out cookies, and Lemon-Ginger Pinwheels.

I’m super-excited for my cookie extravaganza! I hope I’ll be able to post some photos, and if anyone’s interested, I can post the recipes too. Yay for homemade gifts.

** 4 **

Tomorrow Atticus and I are meeting with the property manager of our home, to go and look at homes for sale in our neighborhood. We are thinking of buying the house we’re in, so before we can move forward with that, we need to look at other houses and make sure this one is exactly what we want.

I’m really excited to go house shopping!

** 5 **

I’ve been trying to do a daily Advent gratitude journal entry or in some way making a conscious list of the things I am grateful for.

It’s been really helpful for keeping me focused on the things I have and all the blessings I have to be grateful about, because I am inclined to be frustrated or worried because I am not pregnant yet. Taking time to count all of my blessings each day makes me realize that even though I do not yet have a child, which is what I want, I still have a lot!

** 6 **

Here is a photo of our mantle, where we have our creche, and some other decorations.

and, our nativity, which my paternal grandmother made for me as a child:

** 7 **

I know it’s terrible, but I love the Chipmunks Christmas Song:

Have a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. I love handbags too. Glad you finally got what you have wanted! Sounds like you earned it! Love the nativity from your grandmother. God bless.

  2. 2. Sometimes it worth it, especially on something really nice that will last a while! Congrats on finishing!

    4. So jealous! We’re still a couple years away from having a home of our own. Good luck!

    Loved your quicktakes!

  3. You totally deserve that purse! You’ve put in a lot of hard work!

    I love the Christmas decorations! Very pretty!

    And yes….I’m a sucker for the Chipmunk’s Christmas song!

  4. #5.–“Taking time to count all of my blessings each day makes me realize that even though I do not yet have a child, which is what I want, I still have a lot!”–

    This is a great attitude to take. We suffered through three years of largely unexplained infertility, and were waiting for The Call to go to Russia to meet two children when at last Alex came along. Those three years were agonizing, and it was sometimes very hard to focus on anything but the longing for the baby.

  5. Love the purse! I’m not so much a “purse-gal” but I do love getting compliments. I got so lucky a couple months ago, a nice lady at church gave me her bag of donations (she has three girls…I have three girls) and said, “Well, there are a couple of purses in there…just donate whatever you and your girls don’t want to use.” And there was a beautiful Kate Spade purse. 🙂 Congratulations on finishing school and that beautiful handbag!

    BTW – thank you so much for the CD…I have listened to it and absolutely love it. It’s our new “play-over-and-over” Christmas CD in the Van. 🙂

  6. I was not a purse girl until a few years ago – but now that I am, I completely appreciate a purse as a reward for completing something!

    And – thank-you SO much for the CD! I was finally able to listen to it today on my drive and I LOVE it – thank-you again!

  7. Years ago I wanted a “Coach” bag too. So I bought one and then…. It was so heavy! The bag itself weighed 5 lbs and I got shoulder pain from carrying it. So I found something lighter and the expensive status symbol sat in my closet. A few years ago I realized I would never use it again but couldn’t stand to toss a $200.00 (1980’s dollars) bag. It now carries my sister-in-law’s farrier tools. That is, the files, clippers, and other large heavy metal tools she carries to care for horse hooves. It’s perfect for that purpose! Durable, strong, and just the right size.

    Sooo, it’s a Coach bag carrying tools to trim horse hooves. How ironic is that?

    Status bags are not worth the money. Get a massage, get tickets to an expensive concert, a play, anything. Bag the bag.

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