7 Quick Takes Friday

**1 **

It was my own fault. Last night, Eric and I decided to watch some tv. He had a long day at work, I had a long day cleaning and baking for the PARTY tonight, so we both wanted to just veg for a while before bed. Then IT happened.

I turned on the tv, and it was on the History Channel. And there it was, just starting too! “The Dark Ages: Charlemagne, St. Benedict, and Empress Theodosia”. It was too good to be true. You see, Atticus and I both have degrees in history. We loove us some good history. We were doomed.

Needless to say, we watched the whole thing and got to bed at midnight. Boo. It was my own fault.

** 2 **

Yesterday I made ginger cookies. Today I am making chili and butternut squash bisque. And a big fruit salad. And ironing napkins.I love parties!!

** 3 **

A big heartfelt thank you to everyone who prayed for Atticus and I this week. After a rough Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, I met with my ENDOW group, who are such beautiful, faithful women. Spending time with them helped me to get beyond myself and my sadness, and to focus on the good things God has given me too. I really can’t say enough wonderful things about this group!

** 4 **

https://i0.wp.com/www.fightingirishgameday.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/kyle-mccarthy.jpg Hi. My Name is Kyle McCarthy (#28) and this is what I do best!

The beloved Irish are playing Washington St. this week on Saturday night! They’ll be playing from San Antonio (I believe).

Next weekend — we go to Notre Dame for the Navy game!! It’s a boring 3 hr. drive, but Notre Dame is just about Atticus and I’s favorite place in the world. Count on pictures.

** 5 **

Sunday is the closing rally of 40 Days for Life. It’s been a really great vigil, both nation-wide and here in Indianapolis. Nation-wide there have been about 400 saves, and here in Indy, 6 or so. 40 Days for Life will begin again in the spring, probably in March.

** 6 **

This song is amazing, and so perfect for All Saints’ Day (tomorrow!). It’s a version of When the Saints, by Sara Groves. The video is kinda cheesy, but the song is so beautiful!

** 7 **

And one last thought, going out to all those men and women who live their marriages the way God created them:

“To experience the gift of married love while respecting the laws of conception is to acknowledge that one is not the master of the sources of life but rather the minister of the design established by the Creator.”

-Pope Paul VI

Blessed weekend and Happy All Saints’ Day!

3 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. Great quote! And I also love TV history specials.

    And don’t you love it when God so obviously sends others to comfort us in our times of need? I’m so glad He provided you with your group.

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