7 Quick Takes Friday

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There has been a new addition to the Fumbles family — our new dog, Sirius!


He is a 20 lb. black terrier mix (mutt), who the shelter guesses is about 2 years old. He was dumped at a pet shop by the owner, who said she just didn’t want him anymore. 😦

When we got to the shelter we met a few dogs before Sirius (whose name at the shelter was Ralphie — but we had to change it!) We met a Palmeranian named Sparky who was, well…sparky. The moment the door opened for us to take him out and walk him, he was running, jumping, and pulling at the leash, with me going in circles just trying to keep up. He was very cute, but I think would probably be just a bit too high energy for us. We moved on to visit with a Corgi  mix named boomerang. Also very cute, but he kind of ignored us. ha. We decided we didn’t really think we wanted to adopt a dog who doesn’t seem interested in us. Call it a bruised ego. :p

SO, then we saw Sirius (Ralphie) hanging out in his cage, and I said, “Look how cute he is, let’s meet him.” So we did. We took him out on the leash and he walked quite well, pulling a little bit, mostly when he saw one of the cats roaming around in the parking lot. He walked and sniffed other dogs, he let us pet him, and he also just wanted to sit down and rest a minute with me. He looked up at us with his cute little bearded face, and I KNEW. He was the one — he’s our dog. 🙂

We will pick him up on Wednesday once he is neutered and has all his shots. I’m so excited! We have been figuring out what kinds of things a dog needs. Tomorrow we are going to PetSmart. I’ll post more photos once Sirius is home.


I am making some plans for when my thesis is finished, which will be within the next two weeks. Some of the things I hope to accomplish include:

– making a wedding scrapbook

– finishing the blanket I’m crocheting for our bed

– figure out a room plan for the office. Right now the space is very functional, and very boring. I’m hoping to come up with a more creative and attractive way of decorating the room.

– training Sirius and helping him get adjusted and comfortable with his new home.


Yesterday was our first Farm Fresh Delivery, which I blogged about previously. It’s a CSA (Customer Supported Agriculture) which provides people in the Indianapolis and Cinncinati areas with fresh, locally grown, seasonal, organic produce, as well as pastured and organic meats and dairy.


Those are pictures of the bin that arrived holding all our goodies.


and especially I am excited for the Trader’s Point Creamery vanilla yogurt. It’s in a glass bottle, which makes me feel very classy. It doesn’t take much. 🙂












Now I just have to find some yummy recipes for all this good, fresh food.



It’s been really surprising to me that in the midst of all the debates about national healthcare, there’s been no mention of the role that diet and activity (and the lack of healthy diet and activity) plays in the national epidemic we’re seeing in heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity. Will things like gym memberships and vouchers for healthy foods be part of the national healthcare? It should be. Human beings can survive on a lot of different kinds of diets, the Western diet isn’t one of them.

Unless we can start to change our eating and playing habits, and get our children to do the same, all the free healthcare in the world won’t matter, and we’ll never be able to pay for all of the nessecary care that people will require at younger and younger ages as they’re raised on a steady diet of cheap, empty calories coming from corn, soy, sugar and fatty meat.

In the words of Forrest Gump, “That’s all I have to say about that.”


This weekend is the Indiana State Fair! It’s actually going on all month, but we are going on Sunday. I LOVE the state fair. I love seeing all the 4-H projects, quilts, the vegetables, art, and of course, the animals. I’m going to take lots of pictures and post some goodies.


St. Michael the Archangel, pray for us.


And this, my parting shot for the weekend; what I will eat at the fair:

Elephant Ear 2 by DoubleGrande.

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